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The Future of P.O.S is HERE

MealMatics helps you manage your restaurant/bar more efficiently by giving you up to date control and information on all aspects of running a successful and more profitable business.

Increase Revenue
Enhanced Customer Experience
Manage Staff Efficiently
Allocate Resources Effectively
Eliminate Pilferage and Thefts
Real-time Reporting and Analysis
Automated Marketing

The Future of P.O.S starts with a DEMO

We understand an all-in-one POS can be a little daunting. For this reason, we recommend a demo visit where we can get to really understand your business and determine which configuration best suits your establishment.

During the demo, we’ll show you how the system is set up covering menus, staffing, billing and inventory. We’ll also walk you through the whole client experience, and show you the advantages of Mealmatics and why it will help make more money with less work.

Contact our team today, book a demo and start improving your business.

Mobile Friendly Application

QR Code

Mealmatics has a built-in mobile friendly application for your customers to use. Each restaurant is issued with their Unique QR Code to access their Takeaway/Delivery App or Menu/Reservation App. Customers can then use the Mealmatic App from the comfort or their home, beach or car.

Using the MealMatics App


Customers can reserve a table from anywhere with our Mealmatic App.

Choose the day and time, and include additional information such as highchair, window table, corner table or even sea view.

Once the restaurant has accepted the reservation, the customer will receive confirmation.


Customers can order their food and drinks straight from their mobile phone.

Customers simply scan the QR code at their table and start processing their order.

Once happy with their order, they click send and the food will print in the kitchen and drinks will print at the bar.

Using the Meal Matics App at the table


Customers can order a takeaway or delivery depending on the chosen restuarant.

Customers scan a QR code and add the items they require from the menu.

Once they are happy, they send the order to the restuarant all from the comfort of their home, beach or car.

Pay The

Customers can order and pay for their bill directly through the App.

Payment can be made using the following options – Paypal or Credit Card.

Features of the MealMatics App

Menu & Reservation App

Takeaway / Delivery App

Benefits of MealMatics P.O.S

Customer Acquisistion

Customer Experience

Business Management

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